Gift cards and Cashback
It can pay to drive safe. Earn rewards with Onlia Sense and our partners in road safety.
Drive safe and start earning
Onlia Sense rewards safe driving to help you develop habits that last a lifetime. Earn perks directly through Onlia Sense, and connect with our partners in road safety to earn additional cashback rewards.
Onlia Sense perks

Download Onlia Sense and start driving. It's easy to get started.

Complete safe driving challenges and earn Starbucks gift cards (with more perks coming soon!)

Cash from safety partners
Join an Onlia Sense partner program in-app. Complete their unique safe-driving challenge to earn cashback rewards, delivered straight to your bank account.
Onlia insurance
Have car insurance with Onlia? Connect your Onlia Sense and insurance accounts, and you can start earning cashback every month.
Onlia Roadside Assistance
Use Onlia Roadside Assistance if you ever break down, and you can earn cashback on your purchase.
We love rewarding safe drivers
Every day our community is making Canada’s roads safer. And earning perks while they’re at it.


People committed to driving safer.


Safe-driving challenges completed


Distraction-free trips made.