Frequently asked questions

You can earn Cashback by driving safe with Onlia Sense. To be able to start earning Cashback rewards with an Onlia Sense partner, you need to join that partner’s perk program and complete a verification step. You can get started via the Perks tab.

After joining, Cashback perks will be available for you to earn by maintaining your driver star rating to a level specific to that perk.

Cashback comes in the form of an Interac e-Transfer sent to your email address.

If you’ve earned Cashback at the end of the month, we’ll send you an email on the second day of the following month with instructions on how to redeem it. (Cashback is delivered via Interac e-Transfer.)

Open Onlia Sense, go to the Perks tab, and sign up for the Onlia Roadside Assistance perks program.

To be eligible for Cashback with Onia Roadside Assistance, you must order roadside service using the same phone number associated with your Onlia Sense account.

You can earn Cashback on a single roadside service each month.

Once you become eligible for Cashback, you can earn it in the same month that you purchase roadside assistance.

To get Cashback, you need to end the month with the specified star rating. If you fall short by the end of the month, you won’t be eligible for Cashback. But don’t worry – you can always try again next month!